Company history


The first river tanker Rhenania is put into service in 1903 by Phs. van Ommeren Binnentankvaart BV. This tank barge was the start of Van Ommeren’s inland shipping tanker fleet and was the first barge to transport petrol on the Rhine.


Van der Sluijs Group launches the transport of mineral-based fuels by water. Strategic decisions in the nineteen seventies result in expansion of the inland tanker shipping activities.


Vopak results from a merger between Royal Van Ommeren and Royal Pakhoed. Vopak Mineral Oil Barging and Vopak Barging Europe become the inland shipping divisions of Vopak.


Interstream Barging is launched as a 100% charter company. The company is a joint venture between Van der Sluijs Group and Vopak Mineral Oil Barging.


All remaining inland shipping divisions of Vopak and the Van der Sluijs Group are transferred to Interstream Barging: Van der Sluijs Tankrederij (16 single-hull barges) and Vopak Barging Europe (9 double-hull stainless steel barges). The most important changes are the addition of chemical chartering activities and the management/operation of the company’s own fleet.


Vopak sells its shares to North Sea Group (formerly Van der Sluijs Group, currently Varo Energy). North Sea Group (Varo Energy) thereafter sells 70% of its shares to Statendam Beheer, the management company of the Van der Sluijs family.


Interstream Barging opens an office in Mannheim Germany, therewith further extending their activities for the chemical industry.


Start up in the vegoil market. All activities of Fluvia Vegoil Inland Shipping become part of Interstream Barging and further carried out under the name Interstream Barging Vegoil. An office was opened in Zug (CH).


Interstream Barging opens an office in Luxembourg to manage the operations from there, particularly regarding the self owned chemical and mineral fleet.


The management company of the van der Sluijs family acquires all the shares of Interstream Barging.


The headquarters in Geertruidenberg will be exchanged for modern accommodation on the overs of the Merwede in Sliedrecht, on the periphery of the maritime business.