Interstream Barging BV and its subsidiaries (hereinafter: Interstream Barging) want to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With this statement, among other things, we would like to inform those whose personal data are in our possession, which data we process, why we do so and how (and for how long) we store and secure data.

Purpose of processing personal data

As inland waterway charterer for liquid products such as mineral oils, chemicals and vegoil, we operate in a market that puts great focus on safety and health for people and environment. Both the government and our clients make strict demands on our services with the use of good materials and qualified employees.

To comply with those contractual and legal obligations as inland waterway charterer and to fulfil our responsibility and obligations as employer, we process personal data.

Distinction per target group

We distinguish business relationships whose professional personal data (such as name, job, name and address of employer and business and mobile telephone number) we use as necessary to maintain regular business contacts. These data are stored in a digital register for business contacts, established for this purpose.

In addition, we process personal data of crewmembers of our private owners. This processing is set out in a processor agreement between the private owner and Interstream Barging.

We also process personal data of job applicants and employees (or similar persons) of our company. All details in this regard are set out in separate privacy regulations that are made available to aforementioned persons.

Data exchange

Interstream Barging does not exchange personal data with third parties for commercial purposes. However, for administrative, operational and/or security reasons, processor agreements are concluded with a select number of third parties, to ensure the processing of data takes place in accordance with the GDPR.

Security of personal data

Interstream Barging provides adequate security for the personal data it holds, in line with the applicable legal requirements and guidelines.

Retention period personal data

Interstream Barging retains the personal data it processes, no longer than is necessary for the purpose of the data processing, or required on the grounds of the Public Records Act.

Your privacy rights

If you are involved with our company, you have the right to inspect your personal data. After a formal request, we confirm whether and which personal data have been processed and/or recorded, how this has been done, and for what purpose and to whom this information may have been provided.

You have the right to correction or removal of your personal data if this information is factually incorrect or incomplete, is not relevant for the purpose for which it was processed or is in any other way contrary to a law.

In addition, in special personal circumstances, you may lodge a complaint against the use of your data.

If you would like to know which of your personal data Interstream Barging processes and/or has recorded, you may submit a written request to inspect. Interstream Barging will handle your request within 4 weeks. You can send your written request to:

Reporting a data leak

If, in spite of the security measures, a data leak has occurred, this will be registered and documented internally in accordance with the policy rules for data leaks, and if it is a serious data leak, it will be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and, if necessary, the data subjects.